IDC2000 Terminal Block

Product Name: IDC2000 Terminal Block

Part No.: 

Product Type Part No.
64 Pairs N.O NB123
64 Pairs N.C NB122
100 Pairs N.O NB120
100 Pairs N.C NB121
128 Pairs N.C NB124


Application: To connect & manage line side & system side (copper cables) in sites

Material: Plastic parts made from Poly-Carbonate & frame made from Stainless Steel


  • Accepts 0.4mm & 0.6mm conducting wire
  • Ability to install protection component in N.O configuration to guaed against unwanted voltage & current spikes
  • Connection in N.C configuration can be interrupted by means of isolating clips
  • Made in accordance to IDC, DIN41611, part6; IEC 352-4-2 Standards
  • Meets electrical & mechanical requirements of IEC 60512-2 Standard


Product Type Weight
64 Pairs N.O 790 gr
64 Pairs N.C 775 gr
100 Pairs N.O 1110 gr
100 Pairs N.C 1120 gr
128 Pairs N.C 1575 gr