Coaxial Connector

Product Name: Coaxial Connector

Part No.:

Product Type Part No. Product Type Part No.
G62.1/M NB175 G62.1/F NB174
G62/M NB184 G62/F NB185
2.5C-2V/M NB180 2.5C-2V/F NB181
3C-2V/M NB182 3C-2V/F NB183


Application: To make connection to digital systems    

Material: Gold-plated Bronze body with P.T.F.E insulation


Product Type Weight Product Type Weight
G62.1/M 10 gr G62.1/F 9 gr
G62/M 11 gr G62/F 10 gr
2.5C-2V/M 11 gr 2.5C-2V/F 10 gr
3C-2V/M 11 gr 3C-2V/F 11 gr