High Capacity ODF Rack

Product Name: High Capacity ODF Rack

Part No.:

Product Name Part No.
Slide Type ODF Rack NB421
Shelf Type ODF Rack NB419

Application: To manage & organize optical fiber cables in high-capacity sites    

Material: Mainly ST37 & Aluminum 6000 coated with electrostatic powder painting RAL7032 color-coded 


This ODF Rack is specially designed for data or CATV-network applications where limited floor space and high fiber capacity are essential. This Rack is open to any kinds of Adaptors (LC, SC, FC, Din, etc.).

The Rack system enables optical fibers to be organized and cross-connected easily and efficiently. It features a unique, built-in fiber management system.

  • Total capacity of 864 patch points in Slide type & 1104 patch points in Shelf type (It can be modified according to customer’s need)
  • Dimensions (mm): 2200 x 1200 x 300 (height x width x depth)
  • Front Panel material is transparent Poly-Carbonate window with triple key-lock door handle.
  • The adjustable base legs make it easy to level the cabinet on an uneven surface.
  • The easy-assemble design gives the option of pre-assembly packaging and easy transportation.
  • Cable entrances are located at the top and the bottom of the housing.