About Nik Boresh

Article Date: 1393/06/23  |  Article Code: 47

Nik Boresh Company Ltd. Was established in 1988 and has been operating under Registry number 75618 since 1988. Nik Boresh’s purpose and mission has been and continues to be to eliminate the Country’s dependence from foreign production.

During the early stages of its endeavors, the company initially produced Aerial network equipment such as steel posts, and its other related accessories. Given the ever growing Telecom industry and the increasing demand for new and innovative Telecommunication products, and to no longer be dependent on foreign producers in this sector, Nik Boresh set out on the path of producing similar foreign products, such as a variety of Telecommunication Racks, Cabinet racks (19 & 21 inch), cable networks and central equipment rooms’ MDF Terminals, Splicing modules, Coaxial Connectors, BNC Connectors, RF Connectors for feeder cables, protection Components, Indoor & Outdoor Distribution Boxes, as well as Ladder & Structural equipment and accessories.

In order to accomplish this task and excel on this path, Nik Boresh set out to further develop and expand by engaging in making various halls and shops involved in Series milling, heavy presses, plating, painting, Die casting, welding, blacksmith, tooling, manufacturing halls, installing machinery, as well as advanced equipment such as CNC welding, & CNC bending, CNC Punch machines, in order to enable itself to produce and provide competitive products (Compared to foreign products) with acceptable precision and quality. Currently Nik Boresh is producing in the neighborhood of 180 different products with outstanding quality in accordance with international standards and technical specifications set out by the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI). The majority of these products are being purchased and utilized by the Telecommunication Company of Iran, and it’s affiliated Companies in various provinces as well as various other organizations such as Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Energy, Various Municipal & City halls, Iran railways, and also a host of Foreign Telecommunication Contractor Companies like ZTE, Huawei, NSN, Ericsson & MTN.

In order to continuously upgrade its products and obtain customer satisfaction and ensure  its capability to keep pace with the ever advancing Telecom Industry around the world in terms of production improvement and the introduction of in demand new innovative products, Nik Boresh has consistently dedicated itself to the establishment of facilities in relation to Educational fields, Research and Development, Engineering and Design, Production planning and control, as well as Electronics, chemical and mechanical laboratories,  Quality control and guarantee, and subsequently has been successful in the acquisition of ISO 9001 through the TUV-NORD International agency in (2005).